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the audience of your media
Less than one year of Traf.Media LLC (estd. September, 2020):
Our own media BLITZ.PLUS using our Traf CMS has grown to average DAU 600K and got peaks over DAU 1 million.

Three other internet media we manage and consult: DAY.RU, ORACLE-TODAY.RU and POPCORNNEWS.RU are constantly expanding their audience.
Media professionals team
and special CMS for media
We develop, design and manage media sites
with millions of visitors since 2017

In 2019, we created Traf — a completely new content management system (based on Drupal™ open source CMS) that covers not only usual, but also extended needs of online editorial office.

We learned how to attract more target audience from social media and content recommendation systems such as Google Discover, Facebook, MSN, Instagram, Opera News, Yandex.Zen etc...

In August, 2019, we launched
the first media based on the Traf CMS, that reached exactly one year later - in August, 2020, more than 30.6M users monthly (Google Analytics).
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Advantages of Traf
Easy multilingual support

The Traf CMS is based on Drupal™ Platform, that is localized for more than 90 languages of the world.

We can easilly start the website in few weeks. First the Admin Panel and backend, then design and frontend.
Unique team of experts

Team of media managers and journalists from more than 20 countries (EU, Asia, Africa, North and South America) can help to build up a media with local features or solve the problems of existing media in almost any country and language.
New sources of traffic

After first research of your existing content and it's distribution channels, we will provide you with a plan of traffic growth, that will give your media more readers than you had ever before!

Not only text, audio and video content will be used.
Start the new era of your media
Upgrade your website to Traf CMS
and use our team's recommendations
to increase the daily traffic
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Traf.Media is a LLC working from Eastern Europe.
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